Apr 24, 2014

Common Core Town Hall Springfield Illinois in 3 days

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Robin Eubanks
“Credentialed to Destroy; How and Why Education Became A Weapon”

For Immediate Release

For information Contact Sandra Dragoo 271-725-9445

Springfield TEA Party, Thursday, April 24, At 6:3o pm

Rt. 66 Hotel and Conference Center, 6th and Stevenson, Springfield, IL

Open to the Public, Meet the Author! Town Hall Meeting about Common Core Will Follow Robin's Speech

Robin Eubanks provides the necessary information to confront what is intended to be a wholesale transformation of the US economy and our society without any of our consent. Author and attorney Robin S. Eubanks lays out what was supposed to remain hidden until it was too late to stop the desired 'irreversible change.'

Robin tells us: If Education is a means to an End, what is the Real Vision for Transformation? --How the reading and math wars were never about how to teach --How the new Common Core is actually not about content --Why the logical, rational mind is the real target of education reforms --Why higher Ed had to be changed to push equity in credentials as the goal --What's wrong with a 21st Century Skills focus –

Please invite your state representative and state senator

Are we moving towards a more collectivist orientation in the future? A goal that guides the actual Common Core implementation and planned economic transformation described in detail in troubling quotes that lay out a global push. Robin’s book gives everyone the information they will need going forward to appreciate what has changed in education, when, how, and for what purposes.  

Bring A Teacher or School Board Member

Robin has done the deep dive into cutting edge research about Common Core and she provides the sources and details to prove the true intentions of the Common Core State Standards.

Book signing after the Town Hall Meeting, Books are $20

Brought to you in part by The Illinois Freedom Coalition,  nocommoncore.blogspot.com